GreenClub works with golf clubs, resorts, sporting venues and stadiums to implement carbon neutral electrical energy. This happens primarily through solar installation and technology, and either reduces or removes entirely the requirement to purchase electricity through established generators on the national grid. Working with facilities of any size, our energy solutions work perfectly for venues with strong connections to the local community or have a membership base.

For the first five years following installation, your venue will enjoy reduced energy costs of approximately 15 to 20% against current rates and after that, between 30 and 40%.

GreenClub will:

  • Identify the potential of installing roof or ground-mounted solar installation
  • Survey, audit, plan and then design a suitable installation
  • Implement a multi-year agreement for the provision of your electrical consumption
  • Subject to meeting required criteria, GreenClub will FUND YOUR ENTIRE PROJECT

In addition to the saving on your bills, since YOU will become the SUPPLIER of your own electricity you will also have the potential to sell it to others in your local community, or back to the national grid, meaning an increased revenue stream for your business.